Monday, September 29, 2008


Acne is a skin problem for many. During the teenage years this skin disorder arises. During teenage years the male sex hormone, androgens increases both in male and female. This increased androgen causes overproduction of keratin and sebum. This keratin and sebum clogs the skin pores. In the clogged skin pores the presence of bacteria creates acne. Acne creates black spots on the skin if not taken care of properly. Even after the teenage years, when acne is no more around, the black spots on the skin remind you about acne.
Around the world numerous companies are producing thousands of acne products. Some of the acne products are effective and some are not. Acne products come in various forms. The best products are listed below…
· Face masks and scrubs· Cleansers· Toners· For acne scars· Soaps· Moisturizers
All of the above acne products are not for acne treatment. Some of the acne products are for treatment and others are suitable for acne-affected skin. Acne products are easily available in the market and as well as on the Internet. You can easily order acne products online by paying through credit cards. Before buying acne products, you should be fully aware of the acne products. Otherwise you can end up buying acne products, which don’t suit your skin or your acne type. Acne can be of different types, so it is advised to buy prescribed acne products.


Acne tends to affects mostly teenagers. It's been called the scourge of the teenage years. Some teenagers develop acne problems that dramatically and negatively affect their social and emotional well being. Teenagers are not the only ones to suffer from acne, severe adult acne can be just as crippling of a condition.
Adult acne affects millions of adults and also can disrupt the lives of an untold many. Adult acne is unlike teenage acne. An acne breakout for adults can occur out of nowhere and without any warning and then go away just as easily. It can also be a chronic condition for some sufferers. Severe adult acne sufferers not only deal with the embarrassment of an unsightly appearance, they also must deal with scars that invariably result from their severe adult acne.
Many of the medicines designed to treat acne are geared towards teenage sufferers of acne. Doctors know that teenage acne is a fleeting problem and as the teenager enters adulthood, the acne goes away. Doctors know that they only need to treat the acne, not the underlying condition. Sufferers of adult acne know that their acne is not going away. They know that acne will be a permanent visitor in their life. The treatments the doctors give just can not properly deal with severe adult acne.
If you are past your teens and you still suffer from acne it can be more dangerous than teenage acne as it can be infected more often and the infection can be more serious. Sufferers of severe adult acne know that they have to use more powerful medicine to fight their acne.
Until recently, there were not very many tools to deal with adult acne. Now there are many different treatments on the market that can effectively deal with severe adult acne. For the first time, severe adult acne be eliminated.
Acne can be a beast to get rid of but there are natural products to cure acne and they can work just as well or better than prescribed medications. If you would like to know more about acne prevention and get a review of the natural acne medication.


As we all are aware that people facing acne problem become uncertain and frustrated about their acne problem as most of the people are very much skin sensitive.It is quite clear that best way of treating acne is to keep your skin clean. There are many ways through which you can get rid of acne scars, some of them are:
Balanced diet is another way to treat acne as diet has a big effect on human skin.People facing acne problem must avoid food that contains large amount of fats in it such as chocolate etc. Consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables are best suitable for the people who want to treat acne problem.
Using supplements can help in treating acne. Nutrients are essential for every human beings supplements that contains Vitamin B6, Zinc, Vitamin C and E, Vitamin A and B-5 can be used to cure the acne problem.
Avoiding sun rays is also a way to treat acne, you should not go in very hot climate whether very often as sun rays directly effect on your skin and also, it will cause you to sweat which can cause some serious acne problems.
Cosmetics should be used very much carefully, you should consult with your doctor if you have acne and if you want to use acne. Your doctor will advice you on avoiding which cosmetics and using what kind of cosmetics.
The other way by which acne can be treated can be suggested to you by a physician. He or she can recommend you a dermatologist who is best suitable for the problem and can advise you perfect treatment. Through medication, acne can also be cured and it can be prescribed by your doctor You can see an immediate and dramatic change with your acne by following the advice of this expert.

Sunday, September 28, 2008


Acne is simply the medical condition that results from clogged pores. That is a simple statement, but acne is more than a medical condition. For sufferers of acne, it's more like a disease or even a scourge. It affects your social life and can even affect your health. Because of the damage acne causes, many people have been looking for a permanent cure for acne.
No one really knows why your body produces excess oil, but it does. It's also not known why it affects some people more than others. The evidence points to raging hormones. There is also a lot of good evidence that hormonal changes result in an increase in oil production and a resulting increase in visible acne. Any permanent cure of acne would need to get at the heart of the problem and slow down the body's production of excess oil.
Oil is not the only acne cause. There are other causes. Acne has so many interconnecting causes and this makes it very difficult to have a permanent cure for acne. Luckily, there are ways to control some of the causes of acne so well that it appears as though acne is permanently cured.
New alternative remedies with all natural ingredients have burst onto the scene. Using proven natural remedies, acne is not only controlled but disappears. For all intent and purposes, your acne problem has been cured. Imagine that, freedom from the scourge of acne.
If you are looking for a permanent cure for acne, you should be looking at all natural remedies. There are some very good remedies that can make you feel as though your acne problem is permanently cured.
Acne can be a beast to get rid of but there are natural products to cure acne and they can work just as well or better than prescribed medications.