Monday, November 3, 2008


Acne is simply the medical condition that results from clogged pores. That is a simple statement, but acne is more than a medical condition. For sufferers of acne, it's more like a disease or even a scourge. It affects your social life and can even affect your health. Because of the damage acne causes, many people have been looking for a permanent cure for acne.
No one really knows why your body produces excess oil, but it does. It's also not known why it affects some people more than others. The evidence points to raging hormones. There is also a lot of good evidence that hormonal changes result in an increase in oil production and a resulting increase in visible acne. Any permanent cure of acne would need to get at the heart of the problem and slow down the body's production of excess oil.
Oil is not the only acne cause. There are other causes. Acne has so many interconnecting causes and this makes it very difficult to have a permanent cure for acne. Luckily, there are ways to control some of the causes of acne so well that it appears as though acne is permanently cured.
New alternative remedies with all natural ingredients have burst onto the scene. Using proven natural remedies, acne is not only controlled but disappears. For all intent and purposes, your acne problem has been cured. Imagine that, freedom from the scourge of acne.
If you are looking for a permanent cure for acne, you should be looking at all natural remedies. There are some very good remedies that can make you feel as though your acne problem is permanently cured.
Acne can be a beast to get rid of but there are natural products to cure acne and they can work just as well or better than prescribed medications. If you would like to know more about acne prevention and get a review of the natural acne medication.