Saturday, October 18, 2008


Most people are annoyed and aggravated at the sight of acne on their faces. Most teenagers would want to look good and charming but the annoying pimples makes it impossible and only add to their skin problems. Are you one of the people who would like to get rid of this annoying acne? Do you want to know what causes acne? Have you longed for the right acne treatment that would work for you? Then read through our article and be equipped with the defensive tools that you need for your battle against acne.
How Can You Face your Facial Problems? The sight of pimples on your face would most likely make you jump just to look for an acne remedy and treatment. Can you distinguish the different causes of acne? There are skin glands that produce oil so as to lubricate the skin and hair. Now when the natural oil mix with the dust that are present in the air, the pores on the face start to get clogged and this produces acne. Now that you are aware why acne is developed, you should also be familiar with the important factors that can worsen your acne.
Reasons Why Acne Show Up With the use of proper medication, you can now lessen the effects of acne but it is important to know the specific cause first. In view of the fact that not everyone has the same body chemistry, the root of acne may be different as well. Although in most cases it is caused by clogged pores, you still have to make sure so that you can use the best remedy. Below are the three most common acne causes:
1. The Natural Stage of Growth and the Hormones Produced Naturally by our Body 2. Bacteria and germs 3. Family History
The Medication and Treatment Available to Treat Acne Looking for the most excellent acne medication is easier now that you already know your acne problem cause. Urgent medical attention is most needed especially if your acne problem is really bad. If you want a safe way to improve your skin, you can use oral antibiotics that could heal acne blemishes in as early as six months. Apart from these antibiotics you can also take advantage of antibacterial cream and ointments which are able to kill the acne causing bacteria. Nonetheless, if your skin is just starting to build up acne, here are ways of preventing severe inflammation:
1. Never touch your skin without washing your hands. In addition to that, you also have to avoid unnecessary rubbing and scratching of your skin. 2. You have to be cautious with what you eat. 3. Do not think too much especially of stressful matters. 4. Always be hygienic and clean. 5. Just use gentle skin care products on your skin and be sure to rinse it off with a lot of water.

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